Sunday, 27 January 2013

Zoo Coffee

Enjoy a cuppa at this chain of zoo-themed cafe.  They are located in many corners in Seoul and other parts of Korea.  Zoo Coffee (주커피) was also featured in K-Drama, Innocent Man (착한남자).  All their cafe scenes were filmed there, including those scenes where Kang Choco (강조), Kang Maru's sister was working in the cafe.

The Zoo Coffee below is located right next to Ehwa Women's University at Sinchon.  The cafe is rather prominent and it will be hard to miss.  Walk towards the university's entrance, the cafe is located on the right-hand side.  Happy kopi-ing!


That's the macha latte frapp which I ordered!  Besides coffee, there are the usual confectionery stuff to go with your drinks.  The place didn't seem to be extremely crowded at 8pm.  There were a groups of people in discussion and there was a couple who sat right behind me enjoying each other's company (read: they are in their own world! haha. ).

What's unique about cafes in Korea - Even the restroom has been specially decorated - simple and cosy.  The restroom even has a table with chairs but I doubt anyone would be brining their coffee cups into the restroom, unless for reasons which ... oh well, I can't imagine that.  The toilet is secured and only accessible by customers who know the password to the restroom entrance.  This is simple cool!



Zoo Coffee  >>

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